Day 14 – Officially Two Weeks In!

My weight this morning was 209.6.  (Down 4.4 pounds total.)  Phew.  Another pound and a half gone!  If I lose two more pounds, I will be at my lowest weight in about 5 years.  While that’s sad to think about, I’m going to use it as motivation.  When you better yourself, it’s a victory.  If you’ve read a few of my posts, you know I really like to focus on the victories!

What have I been doing right?  I have definitely been eating very well.  I’m not a person who can eat plain chicken breasts and lettuce for every meal.  I have to mix it up with really healthy food as well as with food I actually like.  Since I’ve been through this about a thousand times, I know what doesn’t work for me so I will make sure to avoid those types of things!  I have eaten LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies.  Luckily, I’ve always been a person who likes ’em!  And I eat my salads without dressing (EW DRESSING!) so that works in my favor as well!

Since I’m meal planning, I know if I’m going to be eating a meal that is a little heavier on carbs, sodium, etc… So I have been consciously making up for it in what I eat the other meal.  For example, one day I knew I was going to be having my whole wheat pasta with meat sauce and a piece of garlic bread as a treat for dinner.  Not the healthiest meal for me right now.  So for lunch, I ate a healthy portion of meat with a veggie salad.  My calories were solid and my nutritional values evened out.  When I make it work like that, I don’t feel so much that I’m dieting as much as I’m cutting back.  I need to get some favorites in, but they need to be in moderation.

I’ve stayed away from foods I know I won’t stop eating.  Doritos, french fries, chicken nuggets, etc…  These I can’t have in moderation.  Good intentions are great, but I know myself too well.  I’ll buy a small bag of Doritos and want more.  I’ll buy a big bag and think I can make it last for a couple weeks, and then they’re gone.  It’s been over two weeks since I’ve had Doritos… I almost can forget how amazing they taste (except not really).

I’ve been really good at drinking water.  I’m a girl who loves her Diet Pepsi.  When I was really bad, I could go through almost a whole 2 liter in one day.  No bueno!  I think I’ve had maybe three glasses in two weeks?  I’m giving myself a pretty good high five over that!

And now with the bad…

NOT ENOUGH EXERCISE!  Ok, this one is a little hard for me.  I’ve exercised.  I’ve gone for walks.  I’ve done some training at home.  Even when I’m busy, I’ve been out moving around which means I’m not eating.  So really, I’ve done better in these two weeks than I had been prior to starting.  But I had plans, man.  I want strength.  Stamina.  I don’t want to lose weight just to have flab.  I’m young enough that I still have hope that I’m going to look ok after all of this is said and done.  To do this, I need to exercise more.

I could fill about three solid paragraphs about my disappointment in my lack of exercise, but I’m not going to.  I just need to do better.

Two weeks in.  A long ways to go.  But I’ve started.  And anyone that has been through this knows that starting is half the battle.



Small Victories Count Too!

I LOVE french fries.  Like… love love love love love ’em.  And I love dousing them in ketchup.  I actually like ketchup so much that it has been given to me as a birthday present.  I’m personally a huge fan of Heinz ketchup.  My best friend’s parents are a bit on the Republican side… so they refuse to buy Heinz (John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz…) and I will actually bring my own ketchup juuuust because I enjoy Heinz THAT much.

ANYWAYS, ketchup and french fries go together oh so deliciously.  And as part of my diet, they needed to be cut out.  Today we had a little office lunch outing to a little dive bar in town famous for its burgers and… YOU GUESSED IT, french fries!  My victory today is simple.

I ordered a plain hamburger with a side of a little bit of ketchup.  NO FRIES!

I can understand this might not be a big deal for everyone, but if you knew me… You’d know this is major!

Now I’m back at the office and I can pick away at the huge salad I made for myself to come back to.

Hey, a victory is a victory!


Day 11

I’m pretty sure I dreamt about Doritos last night.  CRAP!  I have been craving them today like none other… I almost decided to fit some in by forgoing my planned dinner.  But I didn’t.  And seriously, that feels GREAT!

My body is probably in a state of shock due to how well I’ve been eating.  Today I’m pretty tired.  I really do understand that it’s my body adjusting to less calories, zero caffeine, and less kicking back with a bag of chips… But it’s still hard.  I’m planning on cutting my calories down to 1,200 relatively soon, but to do that I need to get my energy levels consistent.

This is something I don’t have planned out.  I refuse to rely on caffeine.  I think I might take my carbs into higher consideration.  And exercise, obviously.  We are so close to some nicer weather so I’m hoping some good old-fashioned Vitamin D helps me out!

Today giving in wasn’t worth it.  I’m going to need that strength to stick with me 🙂


‘Have You Lost Weight?’

One of the BEST compliments you can receive.  It’s even sweeter when you can say, ‘Thank you!  I have!’  

Dieting and losing weight needs to be approached on an individual basis.  I have a friend who can cut out diet soda and lose five pounds in two weeks without any other changes.  I’m not so lucky.  

Eating less and exercising more is where most of us start.  When you start out at 214 pounds like I did, you obviously want to see results immediately.  Weight loss is all about the long game.  Be patient!

For me, I have set a 1600 calorie daily max.  I need to allow myself the extra fuel if my body needs it, and I don’t want to feel guilty about it.  That being said, if I can stay below my goal I am going to.  


I am LOVING MyFitnessPal!  The little graph above is straight out of the app.  Anyways, when I’m logging my calories I guess high if I am unsure.  Not messing around here guys!  I’m keeping myself accountable.  

In the past, when I have started a diet it’s been super easy for me to log very low calories in the first few days.  Then after a bit, I am STARVING.  Not good.  This time I am hoping that by giving myself a little leeway, that I’m going to have greater success.  And as time goes on, I will reduce my calories accordingly.  It’s a process!

I can tell my stomach is shrinking.  I had a good number of calories left for today, but I fit in a walk to add some more.  Reason being, I knew the dinner I had planned could push me towards my limit.  Silly me, I didn’t take into account the past week and a half!  I ate a portion of my meal (whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce!) and I was FULL!  Now I’m going to end the day over 500 calories below my goal!

To celebrate (now that I’ve let my tummy settle by updating my blog…) I’m going to get in some squats, free weights, and abs :). That’s celebrating, right!?

I hope everyone is feeling as good as I am!


Busy Weekend… But I Didn’t Screw Up!

I know I’ve been MIA for a few days, but I was out of town!  I went to my dad’s for the holiday and there is basically zero cell reception sooo no WordPress updating.  I am so happy to report that I kept up with my diet through the Holiday!

Even though I was planning on staying away from the scale, I wanted to give myself some motivation going into my weekend.  So, Friday morning I stepped on…


Down almost 3 pounds in 7 days!  (I logged weight into my app before I started my blog 9 days ago, so I’m using 214 as my start). Obviously I can’t expect 3 pounds every week, but it confirmed that I am doing things correctly!  And it gave me the motivation to keep it up!

Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather (awful stomach ache Friday evening through Saturday…) so I did not get any exercise in this weekend.  But since I met my calories goals I feel pretty good!  And my stomach feels soooo much better!

Goal this week:  MORE EXERCISE!  I gotta do it.  I have several busy weekends in a row.  If I don’t get out ahead of myself, my progress might slow down (and that would make me sad…)

My refrigerator is set up for success for the week.  That is SO important.  If you give yourself opportunities to screw up, eventually you’re going to.  Preparation in weight loss (like anything…) is key.

Good luck everyone!  Another week to work hard and get closer to our goals!


Day 6

Short on time but I wanted to keep my promise to myself so here’s a quick note!

I ate well.  I exercised.  I took care of business.  

Repeat repeat repeat!


Life Would Be SO Much Easier If We Only Craved Fruits and Vegetables!

Busy days can lead to bad food choices.  Busy days mixed with random cravings can lead to really bad food choices.  I’m busy busy from now until next Monday.  And I LOVE Easter candy.

What’s a girl to do!?

This girl needs to decide that my weight loss and health goals are more important than the momentary satisfaction that malted egg balls and marshmallow bunnies can give me. 

Instead of craving food, we should focus on craving feelings.  The feeling of accomplishment when you reach a goal. A feeling of pride when you resist the urge to pig out on the pizza your friends ordered (one of my victories this evening!). The feeling of absolute JOY when you pull on a pair of pants that have always fit too tightly only to find they’re now too big.  

All of these feelings are within our grasp.  We can do this.  Crave the accomplishment.  It will feel better than anything we could put into our mouths.  

Tomorrow’s another day to make ourselves proud!


If It’s Important You’ll Make Time

Making excuses will be a frequent topic for me.  There’s a million of ’em!  We’re all busy!  Between work, family, friends, and just keeping our own insanity… We’re just trying to get through the day!  That being said, if there’s something that we’re trying to fit into our lives, it needs to be important!  Otherwise it will be pushed to the back burner with whatever that day’s excuse is! 

Planning ahead really helps me.  If I know what I’m eating and when I can get some exercise in during my day, there’s less room for an excuse.  Of course things do come up, but you need to make sure that you don’t let that ruin your groove! 

Today I got my noon-hour walk in!  I accidentally left my app on ‘Run’ instead of switching it to ‘Walk’ so the picture below looks more impressive than it really was.  It’s a start though! 


 I’m four days in and I can truly feel the little differences already.  Make sure you appreciate ALL of your successes, no matter how small.  I went to zip up my jacket this morning and I noticed some of the belly bloat was gone.  I have quite a bit of belly left to banish, but I’m excited about my progress! 

I hope everyone else working towards their goals are continuing to feel positive and experiencing the success coming from their hard work!  I’m trying to check out other blogs, but I’m still a newbie so I’m a bit slow 🙂 

I wish everyone the absolute BEST! 


No Excuses: Get it Done!

Day 3!  

Why do we let ourselves treat our bodies like crap?  I’m only three days in and I can already feel the difference!  


Ok.  I have to be a little honest… I went out and had Chinese for dinner tonight.  No diet will ever recommend all of that sodium and MSG.  I blame it on a friend though ;). He helped me move some furniture so I owed him (and he chose the restaurant!). 

In anticipation of dinner I made very smart choices for the rest of the day.  Lots of water, fresh fruits and veggies, and a Lean Cuisine made up breakfast and lunch.  At dinner I practiced greater portion control than I usually do.  So while I don’t feel like today was 100% successful food wise, I didn’t blow it (and I actually met my calorie goal…) And that feels good :). 

I also got a really good walk in.  The sun was SHINING today!  And we reached a whoppin’ 40 degrees so I had to take advantage!  I live in a small town in Northern Michigan… GORGEOUS!  And so great for outdoor activities 🙂


No more excuses for the rest of the week.  I’m staying away from the scale for at least a week and I want to be pleasantly surprised.  Nothing worse than feeling like you’re putting the work in with no result.  I can control that if I do everything by the book.  NO EXCUSES!

It’s up to you to be the best version of yourself!  Make it happen!